Selasa, 12 April 2011

Runs with the runs

Last night I felt pretty terrible, starting with a dodgy tummy that forced me to cut my swimming short. It was as though I were witnessing a battle that my body was raging against some unknown and unwelcome intruder. I crashed out at 9pm only to not be able to sleep past midnight, so I went downstairs and watched a film and drank copious amounts of water. I think (touch wood) my body won the battle. At least I feel a bit better this morning but I had no supper last night so I'll have to refuel well at breakfast. I'll be cautious about the training today - at least it is a "light" day with only 80 minutes running and a couple of weights circuits. Then I'll try to finish off the swimming from yesterday.

POSTDATA: I am still feeling crap, the "run" I did at lunchtime turned into a walk and I ended up taking the afternoon off. Emilio suggested it could be to do with the sunburn I got on Sunday - it makes sense...

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