Minggu, 24 April 2011

Packing list for Half Ironman / Ironman

This is mainly for my own benefit but it could be handy for you so I decided to post it.

What to pack (apart from the usual):

- supplements
- gels and bars for carboloading
- transition bag
- information about the race
- triathlon federation card
- charger for Garmin
- toilet paper

- goggles
- wetsuit
- Body Glide vaseline (to help on with the wetsuit and minimize chaffing)
- swimming cap (they are usually provided)
- sandals to walk down to the water's edge
- ankle chip holder

Bike (T1)
- race number on race belt
- bike (I once heard a case of someone who forgot this important piece of kit!)
- chain lubricant
- rubber bands to fix shoes to bike
- water bottles: 1 aero (with corresponding rubber bands), one full of gels and up to 3 filled with High5 Energy Source 4:1 that I don't mind replacing with the ones that get given out during the race
- pump (on bike)
- 2 Ironman food carriers on bike in which I store the following food and puncture stuff
- cereal bars
- High5 Energy Source 4:1 sachets
- salt tablets
- 2-3 CO2 canisters + adapters
- spare inner tube
- puncture repair kit
- tools - pedal wrench, torque wrench, multitool, cassette removal tool (if I need to take off my disc covers)
- helmet
- towel
- socks
- bike shoes
- cleat covers
- tri shorts and top (with pockets)
- sun block (stored in said pocket)
- bananas (also in pocket)
- arm compression
- thigh compression
- sunglasses
- Garmin 310XT + heart rate strap
- chamois (pronounced "shammy" in English) cream
- tape

Run (T2)
- Breathe Right
- visor
- calf compression
- running shoes with elastic laces
- Fuel Belt with gels & salt tablets

- dry clothes
- Compex Runner
- food
- beer

Anything missing?

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