Selasa, 26 April 2011

Holy Maffetone!

If you've been following this blog for a while then you'll know all about Dr Phil Maffetone. He was cited by 6 times World Ironman Champion, Mark Allen, as someone who transformed his way of training in this article, which is well worth reading. I've been preaching to anyone who'll listen for a while now, the benefits of "maximal aerobic training" which involves doing virtually all your training at an intensity at which you derive most of your energy from (aerobic) metabolism of fats. It is very hard to accept because we all have ingrained in us the "no pain no gain" dictum. As I have said before, Dr Maffetone is a holistic practitioner, which means taking everything into account but it also often ends up meaning "all-or-nothing". I've adopted what resonates with me and taken the rest with a pinch of salt.

My version of the MAF test (Maximum Aerobic Function, nothing to do with MAFfetone) is to run for an hour (he suggests 5 miles which would be a little over half an hour) at just under my Aerobic Threshold (AT) according to the tests Jonathan did to measure my O2 / CO2 exchange. Today I ran with my compression (calves and thighs) and on a flat, circular(ish) running track with moderate gusts of wind (11kph) and a cool 17 degrees. I managed to run exactly 14km without going over my AT, that's to say at an average heart rate of 150bpm! That's definitely a record for me. I think it is a good predictor of how fast I can run anything from 10k to a Marathon and it is useful to know for the future, if I am to compare myself with how I am now. Anyway, I am well pleased with this result.

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