Senin, 23 Mei 2011

Week 19 / 20

Just as well that the blisters I incurred in my ill advised 30km run without socks in brand new trainers have healed nicely.

On the other hand, a taxi driver very nearly put an end to my quest to become an Ironman yesterday: I was bombing along on my Mountain bike when I was almost "doored". This is when someone opens a car door in a parked car onto the road without looking and you ride straight into it; a variation is when the evasive action you take to avoid said door leads to another (potentially more serious) accident. I am normally quite careful not to ride too close to parked cars - you have to have a sixth sense, always imagining possible scenarios ahead - but it was at the end of my ride and I guess I was tired by then. One of the good things about having grown up in Cambridge, where everyone goes around by bike, is that my sixth sense is quite well honed, as are my reactions. One time I got cut up by a car that turned left (remember, in the UK, you drive on the left) without having seen me in its wing mirror - I slammed on the breaks, somersaulted over the handlebars and landed on my feet!

Today I only ran an hour at the heart rate Jonathan suggested I run the Marathon in the Ironman. I didn't fly as I have done in the training I did just before the Half Ironman or the Marathon I did last year but it wasn't too tough to maintain either. I am just hoping that I get that magical effect I have had in the last three races of being able to run so much faster than in training, of being very pleasantly surprised by the kilometer splits I obtain for the perceived effort.

Next week I hardly have any training scheduled - it's pretty much freestyle. I'll do some swimming and, once we get to Floripa, a few short runs and rides to get to know the course and check my bike has survived the journey OK.

Summary of all the training I've done

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