Selasa, 17 Mei 2011


I thought I'd better check that the bike fits in its box well ahead of the flight because, if it didn't, well, I'd be screwed and have to blag a bike bag from someone else. I had to take it to pieces as you can see in the photo, but it fits easily with room to spare. It's not to heavy, either, and what might be seen as a disadvantage of the box - it not having a handle you can put your hand through - is, I think, an advantage: it will be that much harder for the baggage handlers to throw it carelessly on the pile of suitcases. It is semi-rigid so it should be OK (TOUCH WOOD) but will it get lost in transit, only to turn up on Sunday afternoon??? I even considered packing my iPhone in there with it, so I could do a "where's my iPhone" in case it got lost. But then I'd have to have the phone turned on in the airplane and that's supposedly dangerous (although I'd hate to think that airplane instruments were really that sensitive to interference).

If I'm honest, I had an ulterior motive in packing up my bike so far ahead of flying. It's true that I don't have much bike training to do before I go but I still have some (2 and a half hours today, 3 at the weekend) and I just feel like doing it in the relative comfort provided by my Mountain Bike. That way my backside should be in perfect condition to hunker down for 5 hours plus on the Big Day.

Ah, I must remember to let down my tires before putting it on the plane (otherwise the lower atmospheric pressure would lead to them exploding). For now I am keeping them pumped up, just to gain the confidence that they don't have a slow puncture.

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