Senin, 02 Mei 2011

Week 16 / 20

There's not a great deal to say about last week that hasn't been said already.

After the race it was nice to have a few days off to wander round Lisbon with the family. Lisbon is a city that has something special for me: I have been there for work, I have been invited to deejay there, I have taken my wife on a romantic weekend there and, of course, I have competed in a Triathlon there. It was just a shame that it was raining pretty much the whole time. It was just as well that I had chosen to dress my bike in all season tyres. I was just beginning to have that confidence that I wouldn't get a flat again - thankfully I didn't have any mechanical or pneumatical problems in the race - when, after stopping for lunch on the way home, I found the rear tyre had just spontaneously deflated. How is that possible? (It was inside the car.)

POSTDATA: I just got around to sorting out the tyre for my ride this weekend and I was amazed to find that, yes, I did have a puncture! It seems very unlikely that I could ride 90km without any problems and that I should get a puncture just wheeling the bike out of the hotel, but it look like that is what happened! Thank goodness I didn't have any problems in the race.

As far as aches and pains go, I am raring to continue my training already. The only bothersome thing is a rash on my neck from my wetsuit rubbing during the swim.

This photo will be useful to know where to apply the vaseline exactly before the Ironman
It's a mark that all triathletes seem to bear, as if we had all been abducted by aliens. When you finish you look forward to the shower afterwards but some 5 seconds after stepping into the spray of water you feel knives jabbing you in all those places you neglected to put Vaseline beforehand. Now I have the above photo I'll be better prepared for the Ironman...

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