Rabu, 22 Desember 2010

Hmmm, slightly disappointing...

I got the results back from the "lab" today. As I predicted, my VO2max has gone up a little bit as a result of losing some weight but. contrary to my expectations, my running economy has got worse (that is to say, it is a higher number). Still, the optimistic way to look at it is to say that I did a good Marathon with a less than optimal running economy so there is some room for some improvement if I concentrate on running instead of this triathlon business. What's probably more likely is that there is a lot of error in the measurement - the most important thing for me is to go by the pulse rates in training rather than by the paces in the table (which tend to be much slower when I run on the treadmill). What is good news is that my thresholds have gone up by about 5 beats per minute so that means I can push the envelope a little more in my training runs. Anyway, so that you see what kind of feedback I get, here is the report - sorry that it is in Spanish:

CORRECTION:  In the end, I asked Diego to double check the results because it was strange that my thresholds should have increased by so much, when they have been around the same levels for years now. This is the revised report:

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