Rabu, 01 Desember 2010


I'm feeling today how I was expecting to feel the morning after. A combination of my overtaxed immune system having to tend to general body repair and an hour spent waiting for a taxi in freezing winds at Heathrow last night. Oh, for a minicab - I would have paid in blood - but no, Heathrow is too "civilized" for that.

I'm aching all over and I've only managed to eat a couple of packets of crisps and a bag of mints to try and get some energy back. I'm regretting the albeit very light workout I did this morning (walking on the treadmill with a very steep incline). Had I known I was going to feel like this I would have happily stayed in bed! Now I see why the Marathon can be hard to recover from. Anyway, never mind - I think it is the only time I have felt ill all year and, if I had to get sick, I couldn't have chosen a better day for it (well, in terms of my training cycle at least; not so good from a work point of view).

Believe me, this post is supposed to be anything but a "poor me" appeal; I want to remember this lesson for next time. I should have kept taking my iron tablets a little longer and avoided traveling for a bit.

Back soon!


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