Minggu, 01 Januari 2012

San Silvestre(s)

I'm right in the middle, starting more or less where I finished
I can actually remember taking this step (I didn't get wet by the way)
I said I was going as "Abba" not as "un haba" (bean)
With my wife just before the race
People throwing away the extra layers of clothes
As I already mentioned, I was quite pleased with coming 21st out of 800 runners in the San Silvestre race in Las Rozas in the morning. But it was even more pleasing to see that my wife not only managed to finish the San Silvestre Vallecana race in the afternoon (she'd never run more than 5k before in her life) but that she enjoyed it and is even talking about the possibility of putting her name down for some more races. It was quite an experience running at the back (especially dressed the way I was). It was very crowded pretty much the whole way and I got - ahem - a lot of compliments both from the crowd and from the other runners. I really think it is a great event - many people just run this race and nothing else. We finished in just under 1:15 and there were even those who sprinted for the line, presumably to beat their own personal best times. It's not a race, it's a party.

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