Selasa, 27 September 2011

Build up to the Marathon

There are now only 9 weeks to go before the Marathon in Valencia on the 27th of November. I've been sent my "homework" for the next 4 weeks as you can see in the graphs above. A nice build up to about 10 hours a week (which will work out at about 130 kilometers) plus the usual weights and plyometrics, etc. I expect the next 5 weeks will build to another peak over a couple of weeks before tapering down to the Marathon itself. But that will, of course, depend on how the next month goes.

The training looks a little daunting, I have to say, partly because I've been struggling to recover from the Half Marathon. It's amazing how quickly the warm glow wears off and you start to doubt your abilities once more. I remember a guy I used to row with back in the 80's used to say "You're only as good as your last race". Now, of course, I think that is a complete load of bollocks. If you live by that way of thinking then you are sure to burn out and never reach your potential. So, as usual, it is a question of faith in the program, faith in myself. If all goes well and I manage to adapt to the training load while arriving rested and full of energy to the start line of the Marathon, I should have a good chance to "surprise myself" as I have done on several occasions. It's hard to beat the feeling of performing better than you could ever have expected.

As far as recovery goes, it is going to be ever more important that I am able to bounce back from one session in time for the next one, especially as many days involve "doubling up" (running twice in one day). I may try taking those 2 gram anti-oxidant pills that I have left over from my Ironman days... and tomorrow I am going to treat myself to a massage.

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