Minggu, 27 Maret 2011

Don't be mental

The problem with cutting down on training is that the energy that was being put into exercise has to be invested in something else and that, typically, is in worrying obsessively (at least in my case) about getting fat and unfit. It's totally illogical, of course. It has only been a few days - less of a taper than I would do before a big event anyway - and yet, I am convinced that I am running less efficiently and piling on the kilos. The latter may well be true as my parents are here and we are going from one slap up meal to another (I'm fully to blame here but my parents make a good excuse). On the other hand, it's probably not a bad idea to fatten up a tiny bit so that I am better prepared for the final 2 month push to the end. That is plenty of time to get lean and mean. Writing this down helps to convince me!

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